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How It Works

Shipping container homes are a great way to create a unique and eco-friendly living space. There are many different ways to design a shipping container home, depending on your needs and budget.

Here are the general steps when building a shipping container home:

Design: We start by sketching out a rough floor plan of your shipping container home or project. We will work with you to create a 3D rendering and bring your project to life. 

Permits: We will help check with your local government to see if you need any permits or approvals to build a shipping container home. Some areas may have specific zoning or building codes that we need to follow.

Deposit: Once you are ready to get on our schedule, we will send you an invoice where you put a 50% down deposit so that we can start buying the materials for your project. We accept credit card, check, ACH and we also have financing available if you qualify. Some materials you might want to order yourself and have shipped to our shop to be used on your project. We will require 25% of the payment during the project and the remaining at completion. 

Site preparation: Prepare the site where you will be placing the containers. This may involve leveling the ground, pouring a foundation, or installing a septic system and well. 

Construction: Once we build as much of your project at our shop, we transport them to your site and assemble the rest on your lot. This may involve welding the containers together, installing a roof, and finishing the interior.

Finishing touches: Finally, add the finishing touches to your home, such as flooring, paint, and fixtures.

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